As Australia’s tube specialists we are committed to offering the best butyl tubes money can buy. From the smallest trolley tube to the largest agricultural tube, Tyres4U has you covered.

The finest materials are sourced so that the tyre tubes are of premium make, ensuring optimum performance.

A budget tube that doesn't last can severely damage the tyre, so it is paramount to use the best inner tubes.

Tyres4U is Australia’s largest independent tyre & tube wholesaler, with some of the most experienced and dedicated tyre professionals. This is evident across the range of tyres and tubes supplied.

We offer a complete range of extra heavy-duty tubes for agricultural and earthmoving purposes – the Goldline heavy-duty tubes. The Goldline heavy-duty tubes are the thickest, highest quality agricultural tubes available in Australia. With a wall thickness up to 50% heavier than most competitors, the Goldline heavy-duty tubes are guaranteed to provide a better performance, longer service life, and fewer incidents of failure.

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