Environmental Policy

Tyres4U is committed to Environment Management for current and future generations on our planet.

1. Controlling activities that may create pollution and environmental risks

2. Identifying and implementing
appropriate responses to legislated requirements

3. Committing to comply with the Environment Protection Act and other relevant legislation

4. Minimising adverse effects on the environment aiming to prevent pollution

5. Encouraging staff to contribute, co-operate & participate in environmental matters

6. Re-using and recycling all materials and natural resources, including water, where practical

Tyres4U is an active member of Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association NSW & we insist that all tyre disposals through our supply chain are handled by businesses complying with EPA regulations, such as Tyrecycle, who are also TSA accredited tyre collectors & recyclers.

Tyres4U has developed & implemented its own ‘whole life of tyre management system’ insisting on the preferred use of our eco-friendly accredited range of tyres where suitable.

Tyres4U places an emphasis on the import from manufacturers of low rolling resistance tyres, which help the environment by lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Tyres4U works closely with Giti Tire, a global organisation focused on sustainable production who:

  • Planted 16,000 trees to green the land near their Indonesian factory & research facilities
  • Established ‘citizen social responsibility’ as part of their corporate culture.
  • Are committed to tyre manufacturing processes which minimise environmental impact.
  • Invest millions of dollars in environmental protection projects.

Tyres4U imports Radar tyres from Omni United, the first 100% carbon neutral tyre company.

Tyres4U wholesales tyres from leading global manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, Hankook & Yokohama, who support a national Australian waste tyre management program (TSA)  funding research & tyre recycling initiatives.

Tyres4U import tyres from many leading global manufacturers with ISO14001 environmental accreditation in manufacturing & distribution.