Advance Premia

The Advance Premia is an elastic solid rubber tyre made from high quality rubber and other special compounds designed for long lasting performance and wear resistance.

It is designed to withstand tough industrial applications. The Premia offers even wear and increased stability.

Due to its unique material composition, the tyre features low rolling resistance, abrasion resistance, increased shock absorption and excellent heat resistance.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes
11ASS446 500-8
11ASS536 16×6-8
11ASH351 18×7-8 Solid Easy Fit
11ASS447 18×7-8
11ASS408 600-9
11ASH382 140/55-9 Solid Easy Fit
11ASH335 200/50-10 Solid Easy Fit
11ASH333 650-10 Solid Easy Fit
11ASS410 650-10
11ASH347 23×9-10 Solid Easy Fit
11ASS472 700-12
11ASH371 23×10-12 Solid Easy Fit
11ASS544 7.00-15
11ASS530 28×9-15
11ASS546 250-15
11ASS545 8.25-15
11ASS548 300-15

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