Advance C-1 Smooth Compactor

Applicable for vibrating roller operating on many kinds of pavement materials such as compacted subgrade and bituminous street.

With excellent damping and compaction performance.

Reversed arc tread design wide and flat.

Tread compound has excellent oil resistance.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
20610 7.50-15 Smooth Compactor OTR 14 143A2 TT
11AGE051 9.5/65-15 Smooth Compactor OTR 6 117A2 TT
27939 7.50-16 Smooth Compactor OTR 14 144A2 TT
11AGE021 9.00-20 Compactor OTR 16 162A2 TT
81AGE001 11.00-20 (1100-20] Compactor OTR 16 TT
11AGE003 12.00-20 [1200-20] Smooth Compactor OTR 16 169A2 TL
34702 14/70-20 (Set) Smooth Compactor OTR 14 TT
81AGE059 13/80-20 (Set) Compactor OTR 16 TT

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