Wanda P607GW

The Wanda P607GW is a popular go-kart tyre with a medium blend specially designed for rental companies and go-kart tracks.

A modern, durable, 4-layer tyre with a very good value for money.

Slick tread type with a smooth surface firmly adheres to the track on the entire surface and transmits the driving force well. It handles corners better and improves traction performance over a wide speed range.

A specially selected rubber compound, very resistant to high temperatures, enables effective driving at high speeds and extends the life of the tyre.

The refined structure of the Wanda P607GW tyre minimises changes in its shape after inflation, which improves the contact of the tyre with the ground and increases the feel and comfort of driving the kart on the racetrack.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR TT/TL
90937 10/4.50-5 Smooth 4 TL

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