Tracmax X-Privilo AT08

The Tracmax X-Privilo AT08 has excellent performance under slippery conditions. The whole design offers efficient water drainage and enhances vehicle performance on both on and off roads.

Aggressive sidewall protections increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall
cut and abrasions.

Serrated tread design with fine sipes provides great grip under slippery conditions.

The wide-open shoulder grooves enhance wet grip and provide excellent water evacuation.

The wide tread enhances the traction under slippery conditions.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
5258TMA 235/70R16 106T
5268TMA 245/70R16 111T
5272TMA 255/70R16 111T
5274TMX 265/70R16 112T
5336TMA 245/65R17 XL 111T
5347TMA 265/65R17 112T
5461TMA 265/60R18 110T
5612TMA 265/50R20 111H
5622TMA 285/50R20 116H

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