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Are you ready for a new kind of tractor work? A work that’s more informed, safer, more efficient and economical? With smart pressure and temperature monitoring from Nokian Tyres IntuituTM smart tyres and mobile app, you will always know how your tyres are doing.

Wireless and machine-independent, the Nokian Tyres IntuituTM tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system use in-built sensors and a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. From real-time alerts to fleet management data, Nokian Tyres Intuitu keeps you informed at all times.

Nokian Tyres TRI 2 with Intuitu

All TRI 2 tyres come with IntuituTM smart tyre sensors. These have the ability to monitor your tyre pressure and temperature via data delivered from the tyre to the IntuituTM app on your mobile phone. Maximise your tyre usage with accurate pressure monitoring via IntuituTM.
Download the Intuitu App Quick Start Guide here

More operating hours, reliable grip all year round, driving comfort and high load-bearing capacity at demanding contracting sites. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres TRI 2 tyre performs its varied contracting tasks in agriculture, industry, road and environmental maintenance with a reliable, gentle touch. Besides being gentle on the ground it also cleans effortlessly, ensuring that machines do not carry soil onto roads.

The TRI 2 offers a stable and comfortable driving response both on and off-road. It is at its best when used both for driving and working. A pleasant and stable passenger car-like driving response makes highway travel easier and increases traffic safety.

The tread pattern and strong structure ensure that the TRI 2 wears evenly and offers a high number of efficient working hours. The TRI 2 tyre also has a good grip and a high load-bearing capacity.

Thanks to the block pattern and even surface pressure TRI 2 tyre is suitable for working on delicate green areas. Similar to all Nokian Heavy Tyres products, the TRI 2 is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. The environmental friendliness is further enhanced by low tyre noise and low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption.


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