Mitas SFT

Mitas SFT tyres are developed specifically for use on high-horsepower tractors.

SuperFlexionTyre (SFT) tyres with flexible ultra-strong sidewalls allow low inflation pressures for high load-carrying capacities.

The extremely large volume of air ensures gentle ground handling when working with heavy loads.

These Mitas tyres have maximum traction and outstanding productivity.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
341093219 IF710/65R46 Radial Drive 183D TL
341075932 750/65R26 Radial Drive 166D/169 TL
341071842 600/65R28 Radial Drive 157A8 154D TL
341074409 600/70R30 Radial Drive 155A8 152D TL
341089519 710/60R30 Radial Drive 165A8 162D TL
6006431370 900/60R32 Radial Drive 178B 181A8 TL
341070432 900/70R32 Radial Drive 188A8/18 TL
341076502 1250/50R32 Radial Drive 194A8/19 TL
4006341530 650/85R38 Radial Drive 176A8 173D TL
4006341610 710/70R38 Radial Drive 174A8 171D TL
4006340220 800/70R38 Radial Drive 181A8 178D TL
4006340240 900/60R38 Radial Drive 181A8 178D TL
341073143 710/70R42 Radial Drive 173D/176 TL
4006340590 710/75R42 Radial Drive 178A8 175D TL

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