Mitas HC 70

Low operating costs thanks to minimised slip, plus gentle ground handling through high load capacity.

Comfortable, safe road performance, thanks to wide tyre shoulders.

Particularly gentle handling of grassland through rounded shoulder design and lug edges.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
4006341380 360/70R24 Radial Drive 125A8 122D TL
4006341240 380/70R24 Radial Drive 128A8 125D TL
4006341210 420/70R24 Radial Drive 133A8 130D TL
4006341440 480/70R24 Radial Drive 141A8 138D TL
4006341390 380/70R28 Radial Drive 130A8 127D TL
4006341220 420/70R28 Radial Drive 136A8 133D TL
4006340510 480/70R28 Radial Drive 143A8 140D TL
4006341400 420/70R30 Radial Drive 137A8 134D TL
4006341860 480/70R30 Radial Drive 152D/155 TL
4006340550 480/70R34 Radial Drive 146A8 143D TL
4006341450 520/70R34 Radial Drive 151A8 148D TL
4006341420 480/70R38 Radial Drive 148A8 145D TL
4006341230 520/70R38 Radial Drive 153A8 150D TL
4006341460 580/70R38 Radial Drive 158A8 155D TL

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