Mitas AC 70 T

The large, wide lug areas protect ground and plants.

Stable, safe and comfortable running on the road, thanks to a wide tread area and large lug overlap in the tread centre.

Economical thanks to low wear.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
2000043314 200/70R16 94A8/94B TL
2000043316 240/70R16 Radial Drive 104B 104A8 TL
2000043318 260/70R16 Radial Drive 109B 109A8 TL
4006341760 280/70R18 Radial Drive 114B 114A8 TL
4006341850 260/70R20 Radial Drive 113B 113A8 TL
4006341770 280/70R20 Radial Drive 116B 116A8 TL
4006341710 300/70R20 Radial Drive 110B 110A8 TL
4006341780 320/70R20 113A8/11 TL
4006340690 360/70R20 Radial Drive 120B 120A8 TL
341071644 380/70R20 Radial Drive 122B 122A8 TL
341073815 320/70R24 Radial Drive 116A8 116B TL

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