Mitas AC 65

Extremely economical thanks to very good traction and low-wear tread.

Very high load-carrying capacity through a large volume of air.

Very gentle ground handling thanks to a very large contact patch.

A versatile wide tyre that delivers efficiency in field applications and in transport.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
4006341050 440/65R24 Radial Drive 131A8 128D TL
4006341060 480/65R24 Radial Drive 136A8 133D TL
4006341080 540/65R24 Radial Drive 149A8 146D TL
4006341090 440/65R28 Radial Drive 134A8 131D TL
4006341100 480/65R28 Radial Drive 139A8 136D TL
341076915 540/65R28 Radial Drive 145A8 142D TL
4006342040 600/65R28 Radial Implement 168A8 156A8 TL
4006340190 600/65R28 Radial Drive 150A8 147D TL
4006340610 540/65R30 Radial Drive 153A8 150D TL
4006341120 540/65R34 Radial Drive 148A8 145D TL
4006341140 540/65R38 Radial Drive 150A8 147D TL
4006341150 600/65R38 Radial Drive 156A8 153D TL
6006431040 650/65R38 Radial Drive 169A8 166D TL
4006341630 710/70R38 Radial Drive 169A8 166D TL
4006340560 650/65R42 Radial Drive 168A8 165D TL

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