Kenda K610

Designed to work long hours with total reliability.

Multiple layers of sidewall reinforcement increase resistance to impacts.

The centre of the tread area has a large contact area providing excellent steering stability and precision.

Excellent traction.

Shoulder areas have a lower net to gross contact area providing flexibility and ease of steering.

Extra carcass belt for improved and even footprint pressure, increased resistance to penetrations.

Excellent durability and longevity.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size PR TT/TL
9050KT 500-8 10 TT
9090KT 18×7-8 16 TT
9100KT 600-9 12 TT
9120KT 650-10 12 TT
9124KT 23×9-10 20 TT
9210KT 700-12 14 TT
9220KT 27×10-12 16 TT
9250KT 700-15 14 TT
9264KT 250-15 20 TT
9260KT 28×9-15 14 TT
9270KT 3.00-15 20 TT
9255KT 750-15 16 TT
9300KT 8.25-15 14 TT
9312KT 9.00-20 14 TT
9316KT 1000-20 16 TT
9320KT 1200-20 20 TT
6038KT 1200-24 24 TT
6081KT 1400-24 28 TT

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