Kenda K587 Bear Claw II HTR

The Kenda Bear Claw HTR, the successor to the very popular Bear Claw K299 was designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern-day ATV.

The Bearclaw HTR features an all-new side shoulder tread pattern providing high traction that has maximum bite in a wide range of terrain.

Radical casing with a larger tread area footprint keeps the cornering traction at a higher level than a bias tyre.

The tread of the Bear Claw HTR is a self-cleaning design that is spaced apart to push away the dirt but still dig into the dirt and mud.

With an extra-tough HEAVY DUTY 8-ply rated casing, the Bear Claw HTR provides the highest level of puncture resistance as well as excellent handling.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size PR TT/TL
3880KTZ 25×8.00R12 8 TL
3884KTZ 25×10.00R12 8 TL
3890KTR 26×9.00R12 8 TL
3890XTR 26×11.00R12 8 TL
3891KTR 27×9.00R12 8 TL
3893KTX 27×11.00R12 8 TL
3896KTA 26×9.00R14 8 TL
3897KTR 26×11.00R14 8 TL
3902KT 28X9.00R14 8 TL
3904KT 28×11.00R14 8 TL

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