Haul Master K395 Power Grip

The Haul Master K395 Power Grip is designed to be the best skid steer tyre for standard to medium applications, where traction is imperative

Perfect for the tough conditions in Australia, the Haul Master K395 Grip will provide “everything you want and more”

The Haul Master K395 skid steer tyre is designed with a heavy-duty sidewall to protect against scrubbing, abrasions and punctures, as well as a superior compounding to give longer tread life

Each tyre is designed with a rim guard to protect the rim and bead seat area from impact and debris

The three-tiered lug design of the K395 Power Grip provides improved wear characteristics while extending the overall life of the tyre

All these features combine to provide one of the most durable skid steer tyres in the industry.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size PR TT/TL
9390HM 23×8.50-12 6 TL
9395HM 27×8.50-15 6 TL
9400HM 10-16.5 10 TL
9420HM 12-16.5 10 TL

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