Giti GAU867V1

The latest Giti tyre was developed for buses operating in severe urban conditions with frequent start and stop operations.

Bigger overall dimension and contact ratio design Delivers larger tread volume and longer wear performance.

Optimised footprint design to equalise tread pressure distribution improves footprint shape, resulting in regular wear and longer tyre life.

Advanced equal force design technology uniform force distribution enables optimal tyre footprint, this results in regular tread wear.

Wear-resistant compound for urban bus/haulage operation, in high frequency of start, stop and turning use provides excellent longer wear performance to match the needed operation.

More resilient zig-zag groove design and multiple angle sipes provide better traction & grip and increase tyre damage resistance from road hazards.

FEA optimised casing designed for retreadability provides higher retreadable capabilities.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
100EV2175Q 275/70R22.5 152/148J
100EV1795Q 295/80R22.5 154/150J
100EV1990Q 11R22.5 148/145J
100EV2171Q 275/70R22.5 150/145J

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