Giti GAR558

Widened tread width design and large tread volume area for extended wear life.

Four belt construction effectively optimises crown stiffness and tyre contact surface pressure, promoting long wear life.

The special wear-resistant compound promotes a long wear life.

The optimal rib ratio and rigidity of the tread pattern equalise the distribution of tyre contact surface pressure, preventing the tyre from irregular wear.

Advanced Equal Force Casing technology with uniform force distribution enables optimal tyre footprint at various load levels this results in regular tread wear.

Big groove wall design and anti-stone trapping groove bottom effectively prevent stone trapping, protecting the tyre from road hazards.

Shoulder void design and zigzag longitudinal groove provide effective heat dissipation and better resistance against tyre damage.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
100EV1352Q 10R22.5 144/142M

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