Firestone Performer 85

The Firestone new generation of standard series tyres, used in versatile agricultural conditions.

Superior traction, excellent self-cleaning, low soil disturbance.

Less soil compaction, uniform tread wear.

Longer tyre life.

Driving comfort.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS TT/TL
39402 320/85R24 122D TL
5626 420/85R24 137D/134E TL
45055 320/85R28 124D TL
5630 340/85R28 127D TL
40005 380/85R28 133D/130E TL
45458 420/85R28 139D/E TL
5633 420/85R30 140D TL
5636 460/85R34 147D/144E TL
48834 420/85R38 144D TL
5641 460/85R38 149D/146E TL
5642 520/85R38 155E TL
4711 460/85R42 150D TL
4717 520/85R42 162D TL

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