Firestone Performer 70

The Performer 70 radial is for medium- to high-horsepower tractors in general farming applications.

The Performer 70 provides vehicles with more traction, longer tread life and a higher road-speed capability.

the Performer 70 features Firestone’s unique Dual-Angle Lug design which delivers strong traction, good self-cleaning and low soil disturbance.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes LI/SS TT/TL
36613 360/70R24 R-1 122D119E TL
36711 380/70R24 R-1 125D122E TL
36987 480/70R24 R-1 138D135E TL
44802 380/70R28 R-1 127D124E TL
45783 420/70R28 R-1 133D130E TL
46236 480/70R30 R-1 141D138E TL
48295 480/70R34 R-1 143D TL
45812 480/70R38 R-1 145D TL
48623 520/70R38 R-1 150D147E TL
48625 580/70R38 R-1 155D TL
54402 580/70R42 158D155E TL

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