Firestone Maxi Traction

The Maxi Traction is designed for a variety of field applications including high-horsepower tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers and applicators.

Features a steeper and deeper, variable-angle tread design which starts at a 23° R-1 tread and is designed for maximum pull in moderate to dry soil conditions and transitions to a 45° taper.

The Maxi Traction tyre is designed to provide outstanding ride comfort as you travel between fields.

Reduced soil compaction (on select sizes). Select sizes feature Firestone’s AD2 technology (IF/VF technology) which requires a lower inflation pressure than standard radial tyres to deliver a wide, flat footprint.

Provides more wearable volume, and the curved, steeper bar resists irregular wear leading to longer overall tyre life.

Reduces soil disturbance which cuts down on yield-robbing soil compaction.

The actual tread bar face is multi-angled from the top extending down into the base of the tread providing a better contact area and clean-out properties, improving traction in a variety of soil conditions (especially wet field conditions).


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
8943 440/65R24 128D
8946 440/65R28 131D
8950 480/65R24 133D
8954 480/65R28 136E
8958 540/65R24 140D/137E
8961 540/65R28 142D
8886 540/65R30 143D
8969 540/65R34 145D
8974 540/65R38 147D
5435 600/65R28 151E
5436 600/65R30 155D
8980 600/65R38 153D
8987 650/65R38 163D
8887 650/65R42 158D
5437 600/70R28 157D
5439 620/70R42 166D
5443 710/70R38 171D
5442 650/85R38 173D

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