Double Coin REM 2

The Double Coin REM-2 Off-The-Road radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design.

Engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction in all types of terrain, the REM-2 is an OEM Certified OTR with an advanced casing design that promotes retreadability.

(E3/L3) Earthmover/loader tyre.



Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
41551 17.5R25 E-3/L-3 OTR 2 STAR 182A2 TL
42221 20.5R25 E-3/L-3 OTR 2 STAR 193A177B TL
42286 23.5R25 E-3/L-3 OTR 2 STAR 185A8 TL
42228 26.5R25 E-3/L-3 OTR ** TL
42298 29.5R25 E-3/L-3 OTR 2 STAR 200B TL

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