Armour Ti200

Improved ride comfort with less tread vibration.

Improved tread wear.

Significantly less heel and toe wear.

Less soil disturbance and better seed regeneration.

Good forward and reverse traction.

Quieter on bitumen.

Improved lateral traction on hillsides.

Excellent traction particularly on hard surfaces.

Reduced downtime from punctures and easier, less costly repairs.

Fits exisiting rims.


This new generation industrial tractor tyre is ideal for use on and off road, also on grass, turf and hard surfaces. For many years the old industrial tractor design (R-4) known as “Leg of Mutton” (LOM) has been the only tyre available for industrial tractor applications.

Today, we can offer a better alternative tyre ideal for backhoes, roadside slashers and grass mowers.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
30349 10-16.5 R-4 Industrial Block 10 134A8 TL
30478 12-16.5 R-4 Industrial Block 12 144A8 TL
30802 10.5/80-18 R-4 Industrial Block 10 TL
31029 12.5/80-18 R-4 Industrial Block 12 142A8 TL
40775 16.9-24 R-4 Industrial Block 14 151A8 TL
40937 19.5L24 R-4 Industrial Block 12 151A8 TL
40958 21L-24 R-4 Industrial Block 14 157A8 TL
45630 16.9-28 R-4 Industrial Block 14 154A8 TL
46434 16.9-30 R-4 Industrial Block 14 153A8 TL

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