Arivo Ultra ARZ5

Asymmetric tread patterns design with lateral grooves linked inside provide excellent drainage performance.

Wide and large shoulder blocks with sipes design ensure the blocks peristalsis slightly while turning corners and changing lanes, bringing stable handling and great driving performance.

Linked pattern design reduces the driving noise and provides great wetland grip performance.

Vertical ribs improve high-speed driving stability.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
3EAR276F 195/45R16 84W
3EAR261F 195/50R16 84V
3EAR188F 205/50R16 91W
3EAR235F 215/55R16 97W
3EAR227F 195/40R17 81W
3EAR174F 205/40R17 84W
3EAR286F 205/45R17 88W
3EAR060F 205/50R17 93W
3EAR065F 215/45R17 91W
3EAR177F 215/50R17 95W
3EAR066F 225/45R17 94W
3EAR236F 225/50R17 98W
3EAR289F 225/55R17 101W
3EAR069F 235/45R17 97W
2EAR067F 235/50R17 100W
3EAR290F 235/55R17 103W
2EAR068F 245/40R17 95W
2EAR069F 245/45R17 99W
3EAR178F 215/35R18 84W
3EAR241F 215/40R18 89W
3EAR242F 215/45R18 93W
3EAR332F 215/55R18 99W
3EAR073F 225/40R18 92W
3EAR070F 225/45R18 95W
2EAR070F 225/55R18 102W
3EAR074F 235/40R18 95W
2EAR071F 235/45R18 98W
3EAR179F 235/50R18 97V
3EAR466N 235/55R18 104V
3EAR075F 245/40R18 97W
3EAR072F 245/45R18 100W
2EAR147F 255/35R18 94W
3EAR334F 255/45R18 99W
3EAR071F 255/55R18 105V
2EAR149F 265/35R18 97W
3EAR180F 225/35R19 84W
2EAR159F 225/55R19 99V
3EAR076F 235/35R19 91W
3EAR335F 235/50R19 103V
2EAR160F 235/55R19 105V
3EAR077F 245/35R19 93W
3EAR182F 245/45R19 98W
3EAR337F 245/55R19 103V
3EAR183F 255/35R19 96W
3EAR185F 255/50R19 103V
2EAR157F 265/30R19 93W
2EAR158F 275/30R19 96W
2EAR151N 225/30R20 85W
3EAR238F 225/35R20 90W
2EAR689F 245/30R20 95W
3EAR078F 245/35R20 95W
2EAR152F 245/40R20 99W
3EAR240F 255/35R20 97W
2EAR072N 275/30R20 97W
2EAR154F 275/35R20 102W

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