Arivo Ultra ARZ4

Asymmetric tread patterns design and functionally differentiated in medial and lateral sidewall improve steering performance in wet road conditions, and ensure high-speed stability.

New silicon-containing tread compounds enhance grip in wet road conditions and reduce rolling resistance.

Creative tread grooves’ fine line design effectively reduce noise at high-speed driving.

A mass of steel sheets and grooves design provide great grip ability and driving performance on wetland.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS
2EAR064F 205/45R16 87W
2EAR364F 215/45R16 90V
2EAR367N 225/50R16 96W
2EAR363F 195/45R17 85W
2EAR365F 205/55R17 95W
2EAR360N 215/40R17 87W
2EAR060F 215/55R17 98W
2EAR351F 255/40R18 99W
2EAR356F 275/35R18 99W
2EAR335N 225/45R19 96W
2EAR331F 235/40R19 96W
2EAR332F 245/40R19 98W
2EAR347N 255/30R19 91Y
2EAR333N 255/40R19 100W
2EAR344F 275/35R19 100Y
2EAR334F 275/40R19 105W
2EAR338F 285/45R19 111V
2EAR370F 275/45R21 110W
2EAR405F 295/35R21 107W
2EAR368F 295/40R21 111W

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