Alliance 845 FarmPRO 70 Radial

The Alliance FarmPRO 70 Series Radial is a highly versatile range that represents the family of modern agricultural radial tyres. The multi-angle lug design with steep angles at the centre enables a smooth ride, along with self-cleaning characteristics. In addition, the shallow angle at the shoulder provides superior traction. These tyres are characterised by reinforced construction in the bead area and have enhanced bead to bead distance to facilitate perfect fit on the rim. The regular cavity in the tread design ensures a straighter sidewall which enhances the tyres visual appeal.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
36514 320/70R24 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 116A8 116B TL
84501470 480/70R24 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 138B TL
84501450 380/70R28 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 127B TL
84501462 420/70R28 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 133B TL
45813 480/70R28 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 140A8 140B TL
84501535 480/70R30 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 141B TL
84501550 520/70R30 R-1W FarmPRO 70 Radial 145B TL
84501541 480/70R34 FarmPRO 70 Radial 155A8/B TL

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