Alliance 608

Alliance 608 is an innovative approach to compact machinery tyre design. It provides low motion resistance which contributes to lower fuel consumption of compact machines. The tyres tread pattern is an optimised on/off-road pattern with shoulder lugs for traction in the fields, as well as long tread life because of massive central blocks when the machine works on harder surfaces.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
60800052 335/80R18 R-4 STEEL BELTED 136A8 136B TL
30821 405/70R18 R-4 OTR MPT Steel Radial 153A2 TL
60800010 405/70R18 R-4 OTR MPT Steel Radial 153A2 TL
34881 405/70R20 R-4 OTR MPT All Steel Radial 143B TL
60860000 405/70R24 R-4 OTR MPT Steel Radial 158A2 TL

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