Alliance 470 Agri-Star II

AGRI STAR II is a brand new radial tractor tyre by Alliance. As the latest tractor tyre on the market, AGRI STAR II features a unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) which ensures prolonged traction due to the evolving footprint.
AGRI STAR II also features excellent roadability and long life, as well as a D-speed rating (65 km/h), a 7-year warranty, and a stunning design.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size LI/SS TT/TL
47000003 280/70R16 112D TL
47000000 280/70R18 114D TL
47000033 280/70R20 116D TL
47000027 300/70R20 120D TL
47000039 320/70R20 123D TL
47000035 360/70R20 129D TL
47000008 380/70R20 122D TL
47000034 320/70R24 116D TL
47000026 360/70R24 122D TL
47000001 380/70R24 125D TL
47000005 420/70R24 130D TL
47000013 480/70R24 138D TL
47000030 380/70R28 127D TL
47000002 420/70R28 133D TL
47000025 480/70R28 151D TL
47000009 420/70R30 134D TL
47000018 480/70R30 156D TL
47000032 480/70R30 141D TL
47000007 600/70R30 152D TL
47001541 480/70R34 155D TL
47000028 480/70R34 143D TL
47000041 520/70R34 148D TL
47000038 480/70R38 145D TL
47000004 520/70R38 150D TL
47000011 580/70R38 180D TL
47000031 580/70R38 155D TL
48500125 650/85R38 173D TL
47002588 710/70R38 178D TL
48500326 480/80R42 169D TL
48500334 520/85R42 169D TL
47000006 710/70R42 173D TL
48500360 520/85R46 158D TL
48500264 480/80R50 159D TL

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