Alliance 375 Agri-Star

A new Alliance 375 Front Harvesters series is characterised by high tyre volumes, high load capacities and low inflation pressure. An aggressive R1-W tread pattern, accomplished with sharp shoulders solution, enables excellent grip. High traction capabilities as well as, minimum possible slippage, promises constant travel speed necessary for proper harvesting operations. A special steel belts construction, as well as Stubble Guard tread rubber compound, promises a long and efficient lifetime. The main application of 375 series is on Vegetable harvesters (Potato and Sugar beet Combines), Grain Harvesters, Big spreaders and High load capacity driven equipment.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
37530112 620/75R26 [23.1R26] R-1W 166A8 166B TL
48261 620/75R34 R-1W Agristar 170B TL
49964 520/85R46 [20.8R46] R-1W Agristar 173A8 169D TL

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