Alliance 372 Agriflex+

The advanced AGRIFLEX+ 372 Very Improved Flexion (VF) designed with increased sidewall flexibility enables the tyre to carry (up to 40%) more at the same pressure as compared to a standard tractor radial tyre. It offers a significantly large footprint leading to low soil compaction and a comfortable ride for the driver. The larger footprint enables high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operational productivity. The R-1W pattern enables excellent grip as well as long tyre life on hard surfaces.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes LI/SS TT/TL
37200080 VF620/70R26 R-1W Agriflex+ VF 170D TL
37200096 VF 600/70R28 R-1W Agriflex+ VF 173D TL
37250032 VF520/85R38 170D TL
37200141 VF710/70R38 R-1W Tractor 178D TL

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