Alliance 354 Agriflex+

The advanced AGRIFLEX+ 354 Very Improved Flexion (VF) is designed to carry same load as standard radial tractor tyre but at lower pressure or carry up to 40% more at the same pressure. Together with all the advantages of Alliances standard R-1W radial tractor drive tyres these tyres allow lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity related to regular Row Crop tyres. Stronger lugs than regular Row Crop tyres, outstanding traction, excellent self-cleaning characteristics and enhanced lug shape ensure exceptional durability, comfort and a significant reduction of noise while driving on the road. Agriflex+ 354 gives a large tyre footprint area for high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operation productivity and best puncture protection and more uniform ground pressure distribution due to its steel belts.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes TT/TL TT/TL
35400017 VF 480/70R34 R-1W Agriflex+ VF STEEL BELTED 160D TL
35400016 VF380/90R46 R-1W Tractor STEEL BELTED 173D TL
35400180 VF420/95R50 Tractor STEEL BELTED 177D TL
35400021 VF480/80R50 [18.4R50] R-1W Tractor STEEL BELTED 179D TL
35400027 VF480/95R50 R-1W Tractor STEEL BELTED 176D TL
35400090 VF380/105R50 R-1W Agriflex+ VF STEEL BELTED 179D TL

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