Alliance 347

Alliance 347 is a drive wheel tractor tyre with higher number of 23 degree lugs. It provides maximum traction on all types of soil and provides a smooth drive. A strong nylon carcass guards against mechanical failures and moisture deterioration. The tyre is engineered with breakers for better protection against punctures.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
43813 23.1-26 R-1 High Traction Drive 16 159A8 TL
43531 23.1-26 R-1 High Traction Drive 12 153A8 TL
34702667 23.1-30 R-1 High Traction Drive 14 158A8 TT
47458 24.5-32 R-1 High Traction Drive Steel 16 166A8 TL
48232 23.1-34 R-1 High Traction Drive 12 157A8 TT
49330 20.8-38 R-1 High Traction Drive 14 159A8 TT

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