Alliance 345 Forestar

Alliance 345 is a bias belted tyre with steel reinforcement for high puncture resistance. The tyre uses special tread compound and has very thick sidewalls and under tread. The reinforced bead of the tyre provides exceptional performance. Its lower lug angle provides excellent grip and exhibits self cleaning characteristics due to its wide inter-lug space which is vital in logging applications. The close spacing of the lugs in the centre of the tyre reduces rolling resistance on hard surfaces. The 345 is designed to handle various terrains without chains/bogie trucks.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
34540010 18.4-26 LS-2 Logger STEEL BELTED 16 152A6 TT
34502995 28L26 LS-2 Logger STEEL BELTED 26 173A6 TL
34530175 30.5L32 LS-2 Logger STEEL BELTED 26 176A6 TL
34531328 35.5L32 LS-2 Logger STEEL BELTED 26 183A6 TL
34540030 18.4-34 LS-2 Logger STEEL BELTED 16 154A6 TT

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