Alliance 304

The Alliance 304 is an R-1 tread drive wheel tyre for application as Rear tractor tyre. Its knife like lugs is designed for deeper penetration of the ground. The double angle design with a wide space between lugs ensures efficient self-cleaning properties in any kind of soil. The design, based on 45° angle bar with center studs, provides better resistance to side slippage and continuous rolling. The tyre is recommended for hillside operations and for occasional short drives on-the-road. A strong nylon carcass guards against mechanical failures and moisture deterioration.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
45850 18.4-28 R-1 Tractor Drive 8 138A8 TT
48601 12.4-38 R-1 Tractor Drive 6 122A8 TT
48682 13.6-38 R-1 Tractor Drive 8 131A8 TL
48780 14.9-38 R-1 Tractor Drive 8 135A8 TT

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