Advance R-4 E

Advance R-4E is a steel-belted tyre which offers longer tread life even under tough conditions.

Industrial Tractor and Multipurpose tyre.

Applicable for industrial, construction and road works.

Radial design.

Deep tread design provides excellent traction.

Unique bead design gains better air-tightness for tubeless tyres.

Wear resistance tread compound provides longer service life


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes LI/SS TT/TL
A1ANA056 400/70R24 [405/70R24] Steel Belted 158B/A8 TL
A1ANA057 400/80R24 [15.5/80R24] Steel Belted 162B/A8 TL
A1ANA058 440/80R24[16.9R24] Steel Belted 161B/A8 TL
A1ANA055 460/70R24[17.5LR24] Steel Belted 159B/A8 TL
A1ANA052 500/70R24[19.5LR24] Steel Belted 164B/A8 TL
A1ANA060 480/80R26[18.4R26] Steel Belted 160B/A8 TL
A1ANA059 440/80R28 [16.9R28] Steel Belted 156B/A8 TL

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