Advance GLR27

The design of the patterned trench with horizontal coherence and gradual widening from inside to inside allows for better stability and self-cleaning.

A strengthened prominent design of the shoulder groove bottom can effectively protect the pattern groove bottom and tyre side from damage and is more suitable for harsh road conditions.

Open pattern design with good grasp and traction.

Strengthened carcass design and deepened tread formula with low heat build-up can effectively improve the comprehensive service life of these tyres.

The unique toe reinforcement design technology enables it to have excellent toe strength performance to meet the load-bearing performance and assembly sealing performance under complex conditions.

Compared with the ordinary structure, the crown is made of reinforced steel wire with a 45% increase in strength. It has good safety performance under high pressure and high load conditions. Excellent grounding marks can effectively reduce crown stress. The shoulder adopts a special process design to meet the heavy and overload loads and frequent steering under harsh road conditions.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size PR LI/SS TT/TL
B1ABB694 35/65R33 4S/3S 229A2 TL

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