Advance E-3/L-3

Applicable for loader and dozer.

Applicable for rough roads like mining and construction sites.

Non-directional and deep tread pattern design provides excellent grip, traction and controllability.

High strength carcass design plus excellent compound provides excellent puncture resistance, cut-resistant and wear resistance.


Tyres4U Code Tyre Size Notes PR LI/SS TT/TL
81ANP842 14.00/90-16 E-3/L-3 Set (Tyre+Tube+Flap) 14 143B TT
81ANP845 20.5/70-16 E-3/L-3 Set (Tyre+Tube+Flap) 14 124B TT
39835 14.00-24 (Set) OTR 28 188A2 TT
41065 15.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 12 168A2 TL
41762 17.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 32 189A2 TL
41758 17.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 20 181A2 TL
42216 20.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 20 186A2 TL
42300 23.5-25 OTR 20 191A2 TL
42217 26.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 28 203A2 TL
42204 29.5-25 E-3/L-3 OTR 28 207A2 TL

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