Intuitu™ Smart Tyres

Nokian Tyres IntuituTM mobile application brings all your tyres to your pocket.

Always know how your tyres are doing
- From one tyre to the entire fleet

Wireless and machine-independent, the Nokian Tyres Intuitu tyre monitoring system uses in-built sensors and a standard mobile phone. From realtime alerts to fleet management data, Nokian Tyres Intuitu keeps you informed at all times.





Tyre Pressure

Tyre Temperature




Join The Digital Journey

Digital tyres are the key to more efficient, safer and more sustainable working. Combined with the digital service platform, Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart tyres are much more than just a TPMS sensor (tyres pressure monitoring system). Attached to the tyres inner surface, the smart tyre pressure and temperature sensors give you accurate, real-time information – ideal for monitoring the tyre condition in daily work as well as for managing your entire business.

More Savings

Smart tyre pressure monitoring is important for grip and stability as well as fuel consumption and tyre service life. With Nokian Tyres Intuitu, you can be sure you’ll get the most out of your tyre investment.

More Safety

High tyre temperatures are linked to tyre damage and are a safety risk. Nokian Tyres Intuitu tyre monitoring system alerts you on time, making your entire operation more informed, safer and sustainable.

More Warranty

By registering your tyres on Nokian Tyres Intuitu, you will get a one-year extension to normal tyre warranty and a direct communication channel with Nokian Tyres.

The Connectivity Advantage

With the flexible cloud technology, you can add as many drivers, machines and fleet managers as you wish. Just invite them direct from your mobile phone.


For more answers, check the Intuitu Frequently asked question (FAQ) section.


There are two possible reasons: 

  1. Your phone must have Android 8 or newer, or iOS 11 or newer. For older phones, the app will not show.
  2. You may be in a country where we haven't released the app yet.

The app is optimized for mobile phones but works on any device running Android 8 or newer, or iOS 11 or newer. 

Extremely little. From settings you can choose whether to sync with the Intuitu cloud all the time or only with Wi-Fi. 
Note! If you turn off your data connection, information will not be shared with other users in the fleet. 

Very little. Data is collected from the smart tyres and moved to the Intuitu cloud whenever there is a network connection. 

Communicating with smart tyres requires Bluetooth, which in turn requires access to your phone's location. This location information is not shared with the Intuitu cloud.


No. This will void the sensor warranty.

No. This may damage both the inner tube and the sensor. 

No. The sensors are specifically for the tyre in which they were fitted. By removing the sensor, you risk damaging the sensor and the tyre and this will void the warranty. 

Please try the following steps. If they do not help, please contact us immediately.

1. Make sure you are close to the smart tyres - get out of the vehicle if necessary.
2. Make sure the smart tyres stay awake by moving the vehicle a little - the pairing process can take 5 to 10 minutes, in which time the tires will go to sleep.
3. Make sure that you have both Bluetooth and location services on and shared with the Intuitu app. If you find that it is not possible to share location with the Intuitu app, try closing the app and reopening it after a few minutes.
4. If your iPhone asks for a PIN code, make sure you enter the PIN code as shown in the app.
5. Sometimes the app does not pair to all tyres on the first attempt. If this happens, continue the process to the end, then repeat it to pair with the remaining tyres. Remember to keep the tyres awake.
6. It may be that you have too many Bluetooth devices in active use. Try disconnecting from some that you don't need right now.
7. Try putting your phone into Flight Mode for a minute or two.
8. Try restarting your phone.

Caution! Do not try to pair your smart tyres while driving.

Please try the following steps. If they do not help, please contact us.

1. Make sure the smart tyres are awake by rotating them at least a full revolution - they will go to sleep 5 minutes after they stop turning.
2. Make sure that you have shared Bluetooth and location services with the Intuitu app.
3. Make sure that your phone is within a few meters of the smart tyres.
4. Try putting your phone into Flight Mode for a minute or two

Yes, smart tyre monitoring works 'offline' but with reduced functionality: you will see the smart tyre measurement readings and get alarms, but they will not be shared with others in the fleet.

Yes, smart tire monitoring works 'offline' but with reduced functionality: you will see the smart tire measurement readings and get alarms, but they will not be shared with others in the fleet. 

Note! You need to make sure you have logged into the app first, which requires a data connection. 


If the app detects a tyre from which it has received no data for 15 minutes while others are moving and sending data, the app will display a "Smart tyre connection lost" notification. If this alarm persists for more than a few days, please contact us. 

There is a low-pressure alarm and a high-temperature alarm. You can set the alarm as you wish. When a reading is detected that is the wrong side of the limit, the app will notify you. We will anyway notify you and all users in the fleet if the pressure drops below the minimum on the scale or the temperature exceeds the maximum on the scale. This way even fleet managers are notified of extreme values. These limits have been set by Nokian Tyres tyre engineers to ensure tire safety.


Registering your new heavy tyres in the Intuitu application entitles you to a one-year tyre warranty extension. The Intuitu sensors in smart tyres are covered with a warranty of their own, for 8000 active usage hours or 2 years from the purchase date – whichever comes first. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by the use of liquid-filled tyres or inner tube. For warranty claims, the tyre usage data gathered by the Intuitu application may be used. 

For the comprehensive list of FAQs, visit the Official Nokian Tyres Website.

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